SEMrush SEO Tool Free Trial


SEMrush SEO Tool Free Trial

SEMrush is a top SEO tool for bloggers who want to beat competition by using the correct keywords and closely spy on their competitors. The tool has a free trial version where you are allowed to use it for free for one month after which you decide whether to buy a more advanced plan or not.

If you have a website, you should try the free trial (Sign up link) to test whether it’ll improve your blog traffic.

From experience, blogs that perform extremely well use at least one Search Engine Optimization tool. While thousands use alexa, majority of them are turning to SEMrush because it provides more detailed information about competitors’ keywords on top of boosting blog traffic.

For those with new blogs, using SEMrush will help your articles rank better on Google, hence improve traffic by a significant percentage. It’s practical that new blogs take several months before their articles start being indexed, but if a publisher employs SEO tactics, like using SEMrush, nothing will stop his blog from ranking better than other blogs.

I always get this question from inexperienced bloggers, “how do I make sure my articles rank better than my competitors”. My first answer is,”know how to use your keywords,the second is,”use SEMrush to boost your ranking”, three, publish regularly”.Those who have employed the aforementioned strategy have succeeded.

As you know, in blogging, there isn’t a blogger that knows everything,we are all in a leraning process. If I am the first one to grasp an idea, I make sure I share with others-which is why I always talk about ways of earning online and how to boost your website ranking. If your blog lacks one of the two,you will certainly quit blogging.

As a blogger you main target should be to rank first in Google search results and to achieve this,you have to spend money to always boost your blog—for your information,all the popular blogs pay SEO companies so as to rank better. But since there is a free SEO tool to use on your blog, I don’t see why I shouldn’t use it(Sign up link)