Why Short Online Courses are Marketable in Kenya


Why Short Online Courses are Marketable in Kenya

Several students have asked me to explain whether online short courses are marketable in Kenya. Today I would like to answer you in simple terms.

Assuming you possess a degree in Commerce and during a job interview, one interviewer asks you, “do you possess any additional skills”. Then you reply, “yes, I am proficient in Microsoft Excel”. He goes ahead to ask, “can you prove to us in paper”. Unfortunately, he finds that you don’t have a certificate to prove your claim. To add salt into injury, another candidate proves he is proficient by providing a certificate from Udemy.His answer will definitely throw you out of that interview.

Even when you possess several degrees from top universities, lack of a simple skill might negatively impact your career advancement-which is why you need to top up your academic degrees with online short courses.

Online short courses are particularly important for people in administration, data analysis, IT and project management areas. For instance, if you are employed as a secretary and you only possess a diploma in secretarial studies, chances of you getting a promotion are low. But if you go ahead to pursue an online course in project management or Microsoft , you will find yourself scaling the heights of your career ladder as soon as the management realizes they can’t afford to lose you.

For individuals in the IT sector, you may be good at your work but due to technological advancements, the skills you pursued in college may become outdated. You therefore need short courses, which are in line with technological trends. This way, you will find yourself useful in the organization you’re working for.In today’s world,the world is more concerned on how to get people who can develop Apps,people who can help them market online.If you are old school,you won’t fit in.

In our time to time review of online courses, we recommend Coursera and Udemy, which are the world’s leading online training institutions. If you really want to decorate your CV, it’s recommended you pursue online short courses especially during your free time.

The reason you should be worried about your career is the fact that nowadays almost everyone possess a degree.In a group of 10 people,you can stand out if you possess something that others lack,that is online short course.

I have seen some companies ask their employees annually whether there is something new they can bring to the company,that is before appraisal.By asking this question,they imagine that you are keen enough to realize that being dormant in regards to academic advancements is suicidal.The good answer to give them,if you didn’t manage to pursue a PhD is to show the certificate you obtained from an online training.

Here are the links to Coursera and Udemy training institutions

Coursera website link

Udemy Website link