Don’t Buy Betting Tips, Here is What Happened to One of our Readers


Don’t Buy Betting Tips, Here is What Happened to One of our Readers

One of our readers has confessed how he was conned by individuals masquerading as betting specialists. Jacob, who joined betting last year narrates.

“I am Jacob and I believe you can share my story. I completed college last year and I am waiting for employment by TSC. In 2016 I heard Abisai had won Ksh 210 million. In my village everyone joined Sportpesa and I thought I wasn’t ready to be left behind. So I joined with the believe I could win millions of shillings and become a new sheriff in town.

Since I knew nothing about betting, I decided to seek information from betting experts, who heavily advertised on Facebook. I contacted one page administrator, who told me they charge Ksh200 for a multibet and Ksh 100 for 5 single bets.Since I was eager to win millions of shillings, I trusted them,paid the amount and played as instructed.

Out of the Ksh 300 I paid,I only recovered Ksh 123.I decided to pay them another Ksh300 for more bets.After I deposited the money in their account,they again sent me tips.I placed them as they instructed.

Again,I lost,but this time all the money.The loss way so painful until I questioned them why their tips weren’t as accurate as I thought.They replied:”Wewe usijali,itaingiana tu”.Reluctantly, I gave them Ksh 500 and told them to provide more betting tips.They sent to me promptly.

After I placed the bets,I lost all the money. This time I was ready to quarrel them but when I called their number, no one picked. I called again and this time they hanged on me.I concluded someone has just conned me.

From the experience, I decided not to use middlemen but to seek free information online. Ever since I have been betting without any one’s help.I feel I should share the information so that whoever wants to bet can do it without involving the betting experts”

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