How to Win Ksh122 Million with Betway Kenya



If you haven’t joined Betway Kenya, you are missing a lot. The betting company has a jackpot where you predict correct scores for seven games and win Ksh122 million.

The jackpot is referred to as The Colossus and has seven selected teams. If you pick the correct scores for the seven teams you win Ksh122 million. If you predict 6 games correct, you win Ksh 122 million. If by chance you correctly predict 5 teams out of seven, you win Ksh 73,500 and if you predict four correctly, you win Ksh 24,000.

The good thing about this jackpot is that you bet with only Ksh49 and you are allowed to bet as many times as possible.

If you are tired of being broke, you can sign up for this jackpot and win the colossal sums. Here is the sign up link

Before I forget, Betway always gives free bets, which can comfort you whenever the losses become too much. Join here and get free bets.