Sportpesa vs Betway.Here are Secrets You Didn’t know


Sportpesa vs Betway.Here are Secrets You Didn’t know

If you have ever gambled in Kenya, maybe you know more about Sportpesa than you do about Betway.Today we are going to reveal secrets you didn’t know about Betway, which will surprise you to the extent of joining Betway instantly.

Let’s start with the first surprise.Sportpesa jackpot costs Ksh 100 per bet. The jackpot is valued at Ksh10, 000,000-Ksh200, 000,000 depending on whether it’s a 13-game or 17-game jackpot. The company does not give free bets on jackpots.Betway on the other hand has several jackpots. There are jackpots for mid-week and one for the weekend. Each jackpot attracts a single free bet, meaning that if you bet once, the company gives you an extra bet opportunity for free. You can confirm here

Another major difference between Betway and Sportpesa is the fact that a player is given free bets once he exhausts a certain amount of money. For instance,Betway will specify that if you spend Ksh100,they will give you Ksh100 worth of betting.You will then use this amount to recover your money.This does not happen with Sportpesa.

In addition,Betway has an easy way of paying you. They pay through Airtel Money, bank deposit or MPESA.It’s upon you to decide which payment method you prefer.

Another thing you didn’t know is, Betway allows you to play Casino. For those who don’t know, Casino can earn you up to billions in cash.

For those who want to prove what I have mentioned above, you can register through this link(registration link) and discover that all along you have been taken for granted.