Here is a Chance to Win Ksh 122 million from Betway Kenya. Play the Jackpot and Get one Free Bet



This weekend Betway is giving you a chance to win Ksh122 million through their mouth-watering jackpot. The jackpot has a combination of seven team such that if you predict correct scores for 7 teams, you will walk home with Ksh 122 million.

The betting company also has attractive amount to be won when you predict, four, five or six results correctly. For those who will get scores for six games correctly, you will walk home with Ksh 122.5 million, those who will predict 5 games correctly will be awarded Ksh 73,500.The most amazing thing is that even those who will predict four games right will go home with something,Ksh24,500.You see, there is something for everyone.

You will be surprised that each bet costs Ksh49, which is fairly affordable especially if you are not financially gifted.

To play the jackpot, sign up for free(sign up link) and start playing. Sending money to Betway is through MPESA or Airtel money and it takes seconds.

The draw will be conducted on October 21, 2017, and on that day, that is tomorrow, you might become a millionaire by simply spending Ksh49.

Before I forget, remember after placing your bet, you stand a chance to get a free bet.Try your luck today and you can become a winner(Betting link)