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Captain Collins Wanderi Reveals What Jubilee Plans to Do Next Week.NASA should be Worried


Captain Collins Wanderi has warned NASA and their supporters that the government is in full control.

In a Facebook post,Wanderi reiterates that despite NASA’s threats, the government will  deal with them unceremoniously.He further warns NASA against causing violence,indicating that the government has a monopoly of violence. Here is the Capt’s full message to NASA.

  1. The State wields the monopoly of violence. You NEVER threaten the State/Government of the day, unless you have enough firepower & manpower to counter/coerce the State.
  2. A politician can wield a lot of unfluence, but unless that influence translates into power through a democratic or any other legal process, that influence remains just that. Such a politician cannot order or direct State or Government agencies to act in a particular manner; he can only use subterfuge to derail the State, but eventually a determined State always wins. Ask Dr. Riek Machar.
  3. Keyboard warriors who threaten fire and brimstone to their perceived opponents & the State are the greatest cowards on earth. They can’t join a demonstration leave alone hurt a fly. True warriors never send epistles or issue idle threats; they just act, and leave scribes to run around like headless chicken and connect the dots. Best medicine for keyboard cowards is always to ignore them; they get depressed when ignored.
  4. Court orders do not and can’t enforce themselves. Citizens obey court orders not because Courts have any mystic powers; but because the orders are backed by the Armed & Coercive force of the State. Judges who issue orders which do not make any sense or which can’t be enforced by the State or elicit voluntary compliance from the citizens are the WORST enemies of an orderly & functioning State. When Courts issue repugnant orders which make it impossible for the State to function; detect & prevent dangerous crime to protect the citizenry; they invite anarchy!
  5. Some Politicians; elected or unelected and Judges too, enjoy close protection by the state and that protection can be taken away at a whim, and those politicians can do nothing about it. Crying for public sympathy, support and attention exmplifies their weakness vis-avis the State.
  6. The STATE is INTACT! STATE here means all Statutory Agencies; Boards; Institutions & Organs of Government, not Policians.

For those who understand Greek; “Ni kuuri hindi ya itheru; na ya kahindi meeruka”.