Best TV Size to Buy in Kenya


Best TV Size to Buy in Kenya

When buying a TV in Kenya, there are 4 things to look at: price, size, brand, and whether it’s digital or analogue. Considering most Kenyans have large families, size plays a significant role in regards to your choice.

There are several TV sizes in the country but the best size is 32 inch, which is the ideal size for a sizeable home. If you go for a 24 inch TV, it should be placed in a single room, bedsitter or in a house that has few occupants. This size (24 inch) is most suitable in bedrooms.

If you are living in an extended family, the best size is 43 inch—this is big enough to satisfy the entire family. A 32 inch is also ideal for an extended family.

If you own a business e.g a pub,mini supermarket,hotel or entertainment joint,the best size for the business is 43 inch TV.

Before you buy any TV, make sure it’s digital and is from the following companies:

  1. TCL
  2. Sony
  3. Samsung
  4. Skyworth
  5. Hisense
  6. Bruhm
  7. LG

Finally, never make a mistake of buying analogue TV.Going for analogue means that you have to buy a decoder—digital TV does not require a decoder.

If today you want to buy a TV in Kenya, you can order from Jumia. Here is a link(Jumia TV link).Jumia is one of the cheapest shops in the country.