Shocking!!!!This Is How Raila Plans To Become President


We have established that NASA leader Raila Odinga is planning to spend his last bullet in a smart way. Through sources close to him, we have determined that Raila’s win is inevitable and this is how it will happen.

Raila Odinga knew that going head to head with Uhuru won’t guarantee him a win, he therefore sat with his advisors to advise his supporters not to vote on October 26, and 2017.Raila later declared that he won’t in the race, Uhuru’s supporters relaxed after establishing that their greatest rival won’t be in the ballot.

More than half of the President’s supporters will not participate in voting, which will result to less than 50 % voter turnout in Uhuru’s strongholds.Meanwhile, IEBC will reschedule voting in counties that didn’t participate in the elections.

On October 26,2017,Uhuru will garner less than 5 million votes and his strongholds would have been exhausted. This will leave Raila with over 10 million votes. The opposition leader will have enough time to campaign in his strongholds. Since his supporters would have established how many votes Raila require to overtake Uhuru, they will vote to the last man. Eventually, Raila will be declared the President.

Uhuru only hopes that the turnout in his strongholds will be at least 80 % so that it will be difficult for Raila to defeat him when his strongholds will eventually vote.