Wilson Sossion Lectures Uhuru in Eight Paragraph article



Former KNUT Chair, Wilson Sossion, has offered a free lecture to President Kenyatta.

The nominated MP has accused the president of only interested in the presidency at the expense of Kenyans. His eye catching article also points at Uhuru’s weaknesses, especially in dealing with major strikes, such as the nurses strike which is ongoing.

Below is hat he told the president:

“It really raises a lot of questions when the president is moving around to remind Kenyans that elections must be held on 26th October whether we like it or not.

To him, an election is a crisis which must be held as soon as possible however much fraudulent it may be. He only wants to continue amassing wealth when Kenyans are still suffering.

Uhuru Kenyatta has never talked about the nurses strike that has hit the country for the past 100 days. He has not talked about teachers’ salary increment after he tricked some of us to sign a CBA that has never been honored.

Our doctors downed their tools due to poor remuneration and working conditions. They were later jailed for their stand against mistreatment and agreed to sign a CBA that has never been honored till today.

Lecturers have given a notice of their impending strike from 31st October but that is not a crisis to Uhuru Kenyatta.

Sum up all these and Uhuru only sees an election in them when Kenyans are dying in hospital beds, students are preparing to go back home, malnutrition is killing Kenyans in arid and semi arid areas and insecurity and arbitrary execution has become the order of the day.

Le me remind Uhuru that squarely blaming Raila for the economic downfall of this country is a trivia that must not come from someone calling himself a head of state because each and every Kenyan knows very well that Raila has no budget allocation.

How can a civilian who does not have the competitive advantage of running police, military, intelligence body or any other state machinery be a problem in a country?

Uhuru only wants an election and nothing else. Wake up Kenyans!”