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How to Make Ksh 122 Million from Betway this weekend by spending Ksh 49



Betway has one of the best jackpots among betting companies in Kenya. This weekend, you can easily win Ksh122.5 million by predicting the correct scores of seven matches.

The first step towards winning the jackpot is by signing up to Betway Kenya(sign up link).After you have done so, you will get a welcome message that has your user name, password and Betway Paybill number, which is 880185.

Betway jackpot has a total of 5 matches. The jackpot requires that you predict the correct scores of all the matches and win the maximum prize, Ksh122.5 million. If you predict six matches correct, you will walk home with Ksh 122.5 milion.For those who will get two matches wrong, you will win Ksh 73,500.Four matches have a cash prize of Ksh 24,500.

Betway will provide you with statistics of previous matches, which you will use to predict correct scores of the jackpot games.

Besides the Ksh122.5 million jackpot, the company has other jackpots to be won-see them here (jackpot link)

One amazing thing about Betway is that they regularly offer players free bets. In most cases, they give one free bet after you have placed a bet on contested jackpot. This will increase your chances of winning (read more about this here)

Note: if you can take risks, you won’t realize your potential.