Why Uhuru will be Sworn In November 2017 with or Without NASA votes



All systems set: We can authoritatively report that President Uhuru Kenyatta will be sworn in with or without NASA votes, and this will happen in November 2017.We have several reasons to support this.

The first reason why we believe Raila has absolutely no chance against the president is because the Supreme Court won’t overturn IEBC decision this time around. The court will consider several factors, which include the economy of the country and the total number of votes the president will get from the Thursday voting results. We project 8.5 million votes for Uhuru.

Yesterday’s High Court ruling which allowed Cyrus Jirongo to be included in the list of presidential contenders was the last nail in the coffin of Raila’s presidency.Raila was hoping that the court would dismiss Jirongo’s case, thus complicating matters at the IEBC.This could have forced IEBC to postpone the election so as to expunge Jirongo’s name from the list.

What many NASA supporters aren’t aware of is that even zero is a number. In this election, some constituencies may register zero votes,but those votes might count. But we highly doubt that any constituency will have zero votes.

Lastly,Uhuru has the instruments of power; under no circumstances Raila can win against him, whether in the streets or at the ballot. The only thing remaining for Raila is to surrender