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Betway Live Betting


Betway Live Betting

Do you know you can bet while football matches are ongoing?Betway offers you the opportunity to win cash by betting while the game is still on.

According to Betway,you can bet up to the 88th minute, which gives you the opportunity to observe the game and make a choice before the match is over.

To bet, you have to sign up, and here is the sign up link (Click to sign up).Once you have signed up,you will be provided with username,password,paybill number and procedure on how to bet.

Betting process require that you send money to Betway account through Paybill number 880185.

The good thing about Betway is that you can bet with less than Ksh50; you are also at liberty to bet as many times as possible.Besides, there are several free bets that are provided by the company(you can see more here)