Spend Ksh 700 and Stand a Chance of Winning Ksh 16.1 Billion in PowerBall Jackpot


Several Kenyans have joined PowerBall lottery and are aiming at winning Ksh 16.1 Billion.PoweBall is the same as MyLotto Kenya and offers amazing opportunities to its members,which includes winning several millions in scratchcards.

This week the Jackpot is Ksh16.1 billion, which is equivalent to Raila Odinga’s wealth. If you win this amount, you will be richer than 99% of Kenyans.

Instead of spending Ksh 100 to win Ksh47 at Sportpesa,you better pend Ksh 700 and stand a chance of winning amount that will make you a billionaire.

In order to play the PowerBall jackpot, you have to sign up and here is the sign up link(click here to sign up).Once you have signed up, you will be required to deposit the money into your account through your credit card(ATM Visa card) and use the cash to place a bet.

How to bet on the Powerball

Select 5 numbers between 1-69 and one Powerball from 1-26. Complete as many entries as you like and click the green ‘continue’ button to complete your transaction

The draw for Ksh16.1 billion jackpot is tonight, you still have some hours to bet.