Trump’s Remarks About Raila Odinga



Trump has added his weight behind the political situation in the country.This is what he said about Raila Odinga.

“Good morning folks. I welcome all of you to the Whitehouse this morning. As I said yesterday, the Whitehouse is open to all of you seated here, both real media and fake media.

I have been keenly watching the development in Kenya, by the way, great country, great people. I love Kenya. Kenyan people are expected to go to election tomorrow to pick their leader. Very important. My people there tell me that one of the candidate; what is his name?

Rex Tillerson leans over; “It’s Raila Odinga sir”.

Yes, Raila Odinga, I am being told he has withdrawn his candidature. Bad move. Listen folks, this man has been running for president since 1997, four times and he lost each one of those times! What a loser! Just like crooked Hillary! Listen, I ran just one time and I won! I won bigly. People say my win was the biggest since FDR. Now, listen, Kenyans must be allowed to choose their leader, and I like Uhuru Kenyarra! Met him during the G8, great leader, and his beautiful wife Margaret, her and Melanie get along very well.

Am told even the first election was as good as it can get. My intelligence community tells me Uhuru Kenyarra won fair and square. But the so called judges of Supreme court nullified his election. Bad move. Just like our ninth circuit judges. Totally unfair.

So, let Kenya go to elections tomorrow. The country needs to move on. But we are watching the happenings very closely and whoever threatens the peace of that great country, you will see.

Thank you folks”