This is What Nominated Senator, Millicent Omanaga, Does with Men in Secret


Nominated Senator, Millicent Omanga,has said something Kenyans won’t forget. On the eve of October 26,2017,the full bodied Kisii wrote on Facebook:

“Kina Mama tupee wazee mapema walale mapema

Kesho Asubui Na mapema ni KUMIRA KUMIRA Na Msupa turudishe UhuRuto Ikulu”

The language used here portrays a person whose thinking is centered on this topic-that’s the imagination of her fans, who were not mean with criticism.

Though Millicent was sending a message that we should do all we do early so that we can exercise our democratic right at the right time, her message wasn’t taken lightly….you can visit here Facebook page to read the comments.