When Uhuru Kenyatta Will Be Sworn In


President Uhuru Kenyatta will officially be sworn in November 9, 2017, according to sources within the government.

The president will serve a second term even after opposition leader Raila Odinga discredited his re-election. His term will end on August 2017, according to the constitution.

The process of swearing him in has already commenced even before the vote counting is complete. This is to ensure Kenyans resume back to normal business after several months of politicking.

Our source in the opposition say Raila Odinga has resolved not to contest the result in court but he will lead his supporters into disobedience, resistance and economic sabotage so as to make the country ungovernable.Raila will also try to cause tension and division within the government, given that Deputy President William Ruto is aiming at presidency and he isn’t guaranteed of Mount Kenya votes.’