Where is Mutahi Ngunyi’s Tyranny of Numbers?!!



It’s shocking that the tyranny of numbers preached by fake professor, Mutahi Ngunyi, does not exist.

In 2013,Jubilee advisor,Mutahi Ngunyi ,claimed that Jubilee, led by President Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto,had the tyranny of numbers, but results from this week’s voting exercise prove otherwise. Projected results show that Uhuru will garner less than 6.3 million votes, which represent less than 35 % of the total registered votes in Kenya.

Failure to participate in the election by Raila Odinga demonstrated something most Kenyans weren’t aware of. His action convinced more than 12 million not to vote, meaning he has the real tyranny of numbers.

What Kenyans are asking Mr Ngunyi is where he got the tyranny of numbers from.