Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth Free Betting Tips


Chelsea vs AFC Bournemouth Free Betting Tips

AFC Bournemouth and Chelsea is the only game remaining in today’s EPL fixtures. For those who are anxiously waiting to bet for this game, here are free betting tips.

AFC Bournemouth are playing at home against the charged Chelsea. In the betting odds, Chelsea have been given 1.6-1.7 while AFC Bournemouth have 5.1-6.8.This means that everyone expects Chelsea to win, which is highly likely.

Since Chelsea are playing away, we suggest that you place a win or draw for Chelsea. We also suggest that you place less than 1.5 goals in first half.

Another option for this game is a total of less than 3 goals in full time scores.

You can also explore other options-a risk option but highly likely is 2 goals for Chelsea and 0 for AFC Bournemouth.

In this game, we suspect only one team will score.

The analysis above is derived from previous performance of both teams and head to head statistics (click here to see more statistics)