Manchester United vs Tottenham Game free Betting Tips


Are you planning to bet for the game between Manchester United and Tottenham? We have free betting tips, which we believe will give you over 95 % chances of winning cash.

The match between the two teams is expected to begin 14.30(2:30 pm) East African Time.Tottenham are playing away and are poised to draw the match, but considering they are playing against Manchester United, they might lose

Our betting tips starts by analyzing previous performance.In the previous five matches, Manchester United have won five times,while Tottenham have won twice. When Tottenham are playing at home,they win and when they are away, they lose-this explains why Tottenham are likely to draw today’s match.You can see statistics here

If you are betting today, the best bet top place is, a win or draw for Tottenham, or less than 1.5 goals first half. You can also place a bet indicating a draw in first half.

Before the game starts, here is where to bet and get free bets (Betway free bets)