Spend Ksh 15,000 on Samsung Products and Get Ksh1,500 Voucher from Jumia



Today you will have double blessings.Jumia is giving a voucher worth Ksh 1,500 to anybody who will buy Samsung products from their store. The rule states that if you buy Samsung products worth Ksh 15,000 and above, you will get a voucher that will enable you to buy other products from the company.

Assuming that you want to buy a Samsung smartphone, you will get it much cheaper at Jumia compared to most electronics shops in the country. On top of this, you will get the Ksh1, 500 voucher. …this is amazing!

By the way, Jumia is the number one online store in Africa and also the most popular e-commerce store in Kenya. In addition, their products are not only cheap but also genuine. Samsung products are of different varieties at Jumia,you can decide to by Samsung fridge ,TV or phone. After buying, demand your voucher.

To purchase the products online, here is the link (Click here to buy)