Can You Leave your Full Time Job to Become a Blogger


Many people, especially newbies, always ask whether it’s possible for one to leave his full time to become a blogger. This is one of the most common long tail keywords, where those who have the desire to quit their stressing careers believe blogging is the most ideal escape route. We have critical points to make in regards to this question.

To begin with, there is joy in self-employment. There is this  feeling you develop once you quit your full time job to begin your private ventures-that’s the feeling amongst successful bloggers.

As a blogger, you undergo various steps before you finally accept the name “blogger”. The initial steps involve setting up a blog and looking for a way to monetize it.This is one of the toughest moments for any blogger.

After you have successfully started earning through your blog ,the next step is to determine how to grow it- it’s called SEO.More than 70% of bloggers are stuck here.At one time you will notice that your blog traffic is stagnant. When this happens and you want to make it more successful, you start employing SEO tools.Once of the most common SEO tools most bloggers use is SEMrush, which improves traffic by at least 100%.

Now, you have created a blog, you are earning and its SEO is excellent, what next?!!!If you find it stressful to manage your 8 am-5pm job and blogging, you can sacrifice one, but before you do it, note the following:

Don’t quit your job if your only source of income is AdSense, leave only when you have diversified your income. For a starter, AdSense is good but when you become mature in blogging, employ several income streams. In this case, direct marketing and affiliate marketing are two income streams you should rely on before you quit.

From my own experience, bloggers who quit their jobs are those who heavily rely on direct marketing and affiliate selling. These bloggers have reached a point in life they don’t need adverts from Google AdSense. They have reached a point in life when they can develop their own products and sell them online. At this point, they never rely on AdSense.

The worst thing to do is to quit your job simply because AdSense income is enough to sustain you. My friend, one day you will wake up and realize that your account has been disabled, this is the time you will curse your ancestors.

How much do you earn before you quit your job?

Before you become a full time blogger, make sure your income from blogging is equivalent or more than what you earn from your full time job. If possible, make sure you have recurring income from affiliate marketing.