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Shocking Facts About Kikuyu Women

Shocking Facts About Kikuyu Women


Before you marry a Kikuyu woman, you must understand the trouble or amazing experience you are about to put yourself into. Here we analyze based on experience, the shocking characteristics of a Kikuyu woman.

So,before you decide to date a Kikuyu woman,here are facts you should be armed with.

Know that a kikuyu woman won’t entertain your cheating nonsense.

When you start dating a kikuyu woman, you should shed some childish attributes like double dealing. A Kikuyu woman entertains no nonsense; by accepting you as her boyfriend, she expects to own you such that when you deviate, you curse the day you were born.

She is unapologetically intelligent

If you are an average man in terms of IQ, you better not date a Kikuyu woman. What I know, before you ask any Kikuyu woman a question, she already knows the answer.

Not woman from any tribe matches her beauty

Kikuyu women are not only beautiful but also elegant. Sometimes our tribal leaders tell us to resist ‘Njeri’ but with all factors constant, we can’t. These women are next to heaven when we talk about beauty.

They see you as Investment opportunity

A Kikuyu woman won’t see you as a regular man.When she decided to take you as her husband, she understands your net worth. Kikuyu woman hawabahatishi, they smell money, opportunities and success.

In her mind she knows what she will gain from you. She would count how many years it will take her to be rich by associating with you.

Whether you like it or not, a Kikuyu woman, in her mind knows all your assets are hers.

Never intimidated

You can’t intimidate a Kikuyu woman…it’s either her way or the highway. Period.

She can’t submit without money

If you are as broke as broke as university student under his parents, don’t expect to win a kikuyu woman’s heart. These women are only submissive when you drive a big car and when you have a loaded bank account.

She is faithful when you are rich

If you become broke, don’t expect her to be faithful. Another man would come with Ksh1 million and minutes later you as the husband will be spotted shedding tears.