Brookhouse Kenya Fees Structure.This Now Will Shock You

Brookhouse Kenya Fees Structure.This Now Will Shock You


Brookhouse School Fees Structure is what caught my eyes when I was going through the International School’s website. I was motivated to check how much the school charges in terms of tuition and boarding expenses. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The fees structure clearly shows Kenya has two tribes, the rich and the poor. Imagine a single student paying Ksh 1 million per term…that is tuition only.

I remember when I was in school,my fees was Ksh50 per term,which I used to struggle to pay.But when I looked at the following fees structure, I said this world is not ours.

Class Tuition Only – Karen and Runda Campuses Boarding &   Tuition – Karen Campus only
“Little Brookies” 80000 n/a
Early Years 245000 n/a
Year 1 300000 n/a
Year’s 2 – 5 530000 950000
Year’s 6 – 8 580000 1000000
Year’s 9  – 11 640000 1060000
Year’s 12 – 13 660000 1080000
BTEC courses 300000 720000


Fees are payable termly in advance unless prior arrangements have been made with the Accounts department.

The following outlines the fees charged for the academic year, 2017 -2018:

Please note: fees are determined as a total figure for the academic year, and billed as above on a termly basis, payable at the commencement of each term (September, January and April) in Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars.

The academic year for the School is split into three terms and runs September – July.

Term One (September – December)            Term Two (January – March)                         Term Three (April – July)

Class Tuition Only Boarding &  Tuition
Foundation  Year – Karen Campus only 520000 940000

Fees for the NCUK Foundation Programme are payable at the commencement of the course (November) and at the commencement of Semester Two (April) in Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars.

The academic year for the Foundation Programme is split into two semesters and runs from November – July. Semester One (November – March)                     Semester Two (April – July)

Parents are at liberty to choose in which currency they wish to pay school fees, Kenyan Shillings or US Dollars. Payment for the year should remain within the nominated currency. Payments must be made by either telegraphic transfer or by local bankers cheque, payable to “Brookhouse Schools Ltd.”

The tuition cost includes all textbooks and some stationery.

The student is expected to provide some items of equipment as listed in the handbook for parents and students

Registration fee (non refundable) Kshs 45000 (once only)
Caution Money  for day students Kshs 100000 (once only)
Caution Money  for boarding students Kshs 200000 (once only)
Caution Money  for IFY  students (refundable  only upon progression  to an NCUK  university) Kshs 100000 (once only)
Transport (if required) –  standard routes Kshs 50000 per term
Transport (if required) –  door-to-door Kshs 70000 per term
Individual  Music Lessons (instrumental or vocal)- Payable DIRECT to the peripatetic music teachers Music Instrument Hire (payable to Brookhouse Schools) Kshs




per term

per term

Yearbook Fee (annual) Kshs 2500 per year
Kenya pupil pass and re-entry pass (non-Kenyans) Kshs 15000  
AAR Medical Cover for boarding   students (optional)

* Subject to adjustment by the medical insurance provider


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