Cost of Each of your Body Organs…why are we Poor!!!!

Cost of Each of your Body Organs...why are we Poor!!!!


Body organs are the most expensive products any human being can sell. If today you decide to sell any of your organ, including your sperms, you will make millions of dollars.

Below we break down the price of each organ based on the current market price

Sperm 100
Eggs 8000
Bone Marrow 3000
Breast Milk 1-2/Ounce
Hair 100-4000
Cornea 21,000
Lungs 295,000
Womb 45,000
Heart 1,000,000
Liver 145,000
Kidney 150,000


The most expensive organ in your body is the heart…it costs $1,000,000 but after you have donated, you will stop existing.