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Difference between CV and Resume

Difference between CV and Resume


Most of us get confused as to which title to use to describe ourselfs in terms of career progression and personal information. We often use CV and Resume interchangeably without noticing that the difference between the two words is like sea and land.

If you wish to know the difference between resume and CV, here is the answer:

“Curriculum Vitae” is a Latin word meaning “course of life”.

CVs are in-depth chronological documents that contains an individuals FULL working career.

This should include a high level details about one’s achievements, accomplishments, education, awards, honors, publications and so on.

A CV may spread beyond 2 pages.

While a Resume is a SUMMARY and CONCISE document of at most 2 pages.

The Resume is usually prepared to fit every position applied for.

A quick summary difference

👉A CV is intended to be a FULL record of one’s career history

👉Resume is a brief, targeted list of skills & achievement.

👉CVs are prepared ONCE and that same document can be used to apply for any position.

👉Resume can be tailored to fit each position applied for

👉A CV can be lengthy depending on ones achievement and length of experience

👉Resumes should be brief, it is advisable not to cross a 2 page length

Although there are preferences to which should be used in different parts of the world