HTC Phones Review in Kenya

HTC Phones Review in Kenya


HTC smartphones are among the most popular brands in Kenya. The brand was introduced in Kenya slightly over 3 years ago and has since become among the most preferred brands by smartphone lovers.

HTC phones use Android technology and they have superior features that push the phones’ prices above Ksh 10,000.In Kenya, you can buy these phones from any electronics shop that target middle and high class population.

What majority of Kenyans always ask, “how good is this phone? “well, even when you search for reviews online in regards to HTC phones, there is nowhere you would find a customer reporting a nasty experience; all the reviews are positive, whether from a customer or shops selling the products.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to own my first HTC phone, it was HTC M8.This is one phone I loved most. At first, it was hard for anyone to convince me about HTC since my mind and sight were only fixed on Samsung, LG.Sony,Apple and Huawei. A friend who had used HTC One convinced me to buy M8, I trusted him and dis as he advised.

One thing I would tell from my experience is that the moment you buy an HTC phone, there is no any other time you would imagine of buying from another brand

What you will like most about HTC is the camera, internet connectivity, appearance, battery and the general quality of the phone. It’s also hard to find a fake HTC phone. In short, if I am told to rate it, I can give any HTC phone 98%.

Comparing HTC with other popular brands in Kenya, I would say HTC is more superior to Tecno, Huawei, Infinix and LG.The only brands that compete with HTC are, Samsung, Sony and Apple.

Where to buy HTC

The best places to buy HTC phones include online stores, Luthuli Avenue,Moi Avenue,Sarit Center, and of course Safaricom,but Safaricom is a bit expensive. I buy mine from Jumia(You can click here to buy)