Bloggers Who Don’t Make These Serious Mistakes Earn Millions

Bloggers Who Don’t Make These Serious Mistakes Earn Millions


If you are a serious blogger, there are serious mistakes you should avoid. As a blogger, there are things you should learn as soon as you start blogging, which would help you succeed in this game. Here we are going to reveal mistakes most bloggers make that deny them millions in revenues.

Not having more knowledge than your readers

The first thing you should know is that as a blogger, you MUST be more knowledgeable than your readers.Everyday,as you generate content, you should know your readers are not robots but people with brains as you. When a reader decides to visit your site, he/she is looking for something that they don’t know. In case they find that they already know what you have in your site, you won’t see them again.

Popular sites generate unique and useful content, which is why their readers keep on visiting the sites.

In this regard, as you embark on informing your readers, ensure you have something your readers won’t get anywhere. This way, you will make them highly dependent on you.

Not paying attention to the first paragraph of your articles

Majority of bloggers, more than 80%, may not be aware of this: the first paragraph is as useful as the title of the story. When you are generating any story, make sure the first paragraph bear at least three quarter of the keywords used in your title.

When it comes to SEO ranking, the first paragraph plays a significant role in determining how search engines rank your articles. If none of the words used in the title appear in your first paragraph, the search engines would throw your article to the last page, unless your blog is popular.

Lifting stories from popular sites

If you want to survive for long in this game, make sure most of the stories in your blog are unique and original—you can lift one or two stories from other sites but never be used to that habit.

I have seen many bloggers who wake up every morning to check what popular sites have posted, they slightly edit the stories and post them on their sites. One thing these bloggers must know is that their readers also read those popular blogs and they know you have nothing useful to add. They will ignore your blog forever. In addition, no matter how much you rewrite the stories, there is no way your blogs would be more popular than those blogs with original content.

Not posting regularly

You can’t post two or three stories per year and think you would be popular. To be successful in blogging, you must give your readers a reason to visit your site again and again. If you want your blog to die naturally, post one article today and wait to post another article next month.

Writing as if you are forced to

I think you have read several blogs where the writer was writing just for the sake. One secret, which successful bloggers won’t tell you, your articles must keep your readers glued until the end. You should write as if you are communicating with someone. This way, your readers will enjoy the story.

Not choosing the right web hosting company

There are things most bloggers do that leave us in laughter. They always go for cheap over quality. You will be surprised that some of use pay up to $1500 per month in hosting alone but the services we receive are amazing. Web hosting is expensive, especially if your blog goes viral. For it to have 100% uptime, it must be hosted by companies with powerful servers.

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