Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in Kenya and total Number of Page Views Per Month

Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in Kenya and total number of Page Views Per Month


If you are a blogger and you wish to know how many page views most popular blogs receive in Kenya, we have compiled for you a list of top 10 most visited blogs in the country.

At position 1 is, which receives 3 million visitors per day, translating to 90 million page views per month. At position two is, which receives a total of 2.5 million visitors per day.

Below is a full list of top 10 blogs in Kenya and the total number of page views each receives per month

BLOG NUMBER OF PAGE VIEWS PER MONTH 90 million 75 million 55million 40million 25 million 15million 12million 10million 10million


You will notice that each of the top 10 most popular blogs in Kenya receives at least 10million page views per month, which means each single day, none of these blogs receives less than 300,000 visitors.

Though we haven’t included Venas News, our site receives over 400,000 visitors per day, that is as of December 2017.The will rank 6th most visited site in Kenya come next year,2018.

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