Raphael Tuju Kicked out of Jubilee

Raphael Tuju Kicked out of Jubilee


Our mole at Jubilee intimate that Raphael Tuju has been kicked out of the ruling party.

The source further reveals that the reason he was chased out of the party is because he mismanaged the Jubilee nominations. He is also suspected to be a NASA mole.

It’s reported that the former Rarieda MP was shown the door immediately Uhuru was sworn in and he was told not to be seen near Jubilee offices in Pangani.

Since he was kicked out, Tuju has never been seen in public, he in fact went into hiding.

Tuju is one of the few Luo leaders who hate Raila with passion. His hatred towards the opposition leader earned him a position at Jubilee, but his relevance in jubilee ended prematurely.