Home ENTERTAINMENT Nairobi Woman Narrates How a Maid Snatched Her Husband. This is Painful

Nairobi Woman Narrates How a Maid Snatched Her Husband. This is Painful

Nairobi Woman Narrates How a Maid Snatched Her Husband. This is Painful


This is whatb Lucy faced in front of the whole world:

Am 37-year-old and a well accomplished banker. I have been married to my husband for 17 years now and we have three children but my marriage is heading for the rocks.

The reason for this is my husband’s insistence on getting married to my housemaid and he has even told me that I can leave his house if I don’t accept her as the second wife.

Lexis, the girl(My house help), came to stay with us about six years ago when I had my second child and I needed someone to take care of the kids because of additional responsibilities at work.

She was just 18-years-old then but very hard working, respectful and innocent looking. Within a short while, she became a star in the home, practically taking over the running of the house.

She cooked for the household, washed, cleaned the house including our bedroom and took the kids as her younger ones. My husband too was impressed with her and made sure she enrolled in an extra-mural class and sat for her WALC

After she passed her exams, we enrolled her in a part-time program at one of the polytechnics in the country , while she also learns fashion designing. I thought my husband was doing these so that she could stand on her own when she eventually leaves us.

Little did I know he was propping her to be his wife in the future. The scale finally fell off my eyes when I noticed that my maid was becoming dull, fat and lazy.
She was also sleeping most of the times and would take ages to complete the simplest of tasks. I asked her what was wrong with her but she said she there was nothing wrong with her.

But I got worried one day when I caught her vomiting in the bathroom and I practically forced her to the hospital for a test.

My worst fears were confirmed when the test showed she was four months pregnant. When I got home, I asked her who was responsible for the pregnancy but she kept mum and all my pleas, cajoling and threats would not move her.
When my husband came back, I reported to him but he shocked me when he said she would mention the person responsible when the time is right.

And oh Lexis, the right time came the very next day when my husband invited my maid’s aunt, the woman who brought her to me and in her presence, announced that he was responsible for the pregnancy and that he was going to make her his second wife. Lexis FYI my husband is a Christian.

I was agast and wanted to attack him but he just brushed me aside and went ahead to say that since I had abandoned my responsibilities as a wife and mother to my maid, he has found her worthy of being his wife.
I am now at crossroads and I don’t know what to do. I would never live in the same house with my maid as my co-wife.