Arsenal vs Crystal Palace Match Predictions

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace Match Predictions


Today at 11.00 pm East African Time, Arsenal will travel to the home of Crystal Palace for a test…will they emerge victorious? Knowing what Crystal Palace can do, here are our predictions.

It’s not easy for any team to beat Crystal Palace, especially when they are playing at home. If at all Arsenal manages to win this game, the goals margin will be one. From our side we are seeing this, either a win or draw for Crystal Palace…but we will never advise you to select this option because Arsenal might pull a surprise. The best option to choose if at all you want to earn money, More than 3 goals will be scored. Another option is to select a winner in first half—I see Crystal Palace winning in first half.

I have seen many betting sites have given fewer odds to Arsenal and more for Crystal Palace. I will be betting and I want to lose this money, I will pick Crystal Palace as the winner.

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