Ripe Bananas Have These 17 Amazing Health Benefits

Ripe Bananas Have These 17 Amazing Health Benefits


The bananas are considered to be one of the healthiest food on the planet, filled with nutrients and probably contain the highest amount of potassium among all foods out there.

If you decide to consume two ripe bananas in a day, you will get an enormous dose of antioxidants along with something called Tumor Necrosis Factor, which will help you fight against all of the cancerous cells inside of the body. The riper the banana is, the higher the count of these cancer fighting antioxidant levels as well as the nutrient density.

So, what are actually all the benefits from consuming bananas each day? Take a look at some of them just below.

Here is exactly what will happen to your body if you start consuming two ripe bananas for a period of 30 days:

  1. The bananas are known for fighting depression. People who are dealing with depression usually have very low levels of serotonin in their brain. Because the bananas contain a very high level of tryptophan, which when consumed in the body turns into serotonin, they can alleviate the symptoms of depression.
  2. You will feel more energized. The bananas are known for containing three natural sugars – glucose, fructose and sucrose, and a fairly good dose of fiber. This makes the bananas a powerhouse of nutrients and provides for an instant and long boost of energy. Only two bananas can provide you with enough energy for a 90 minute workout.
  3. The bananas can help you lose weight. They only contain 100 calories per serving, and this makes them an excellent option for those people who are trying to lose a couple of pounds. Also, they contain three grams of fiber, which will help us feel more full and keep the cravings at bay.
  4. They are excellent for your brain! The bananas can slowly release the energy, which will help the brain stay alert for a longer period of time. The high levels of potassium can keep a person more alert and the magnesium can help the brain focus in a better way.
  5. You can balance out your hormones with them. Because they contain a high level of potassium and B6 vitamin, the bananas are an excellent source of nutrients which are necessary for production of hormones.
  6. They can alleviate your heartburn. The high potassium level found in the bananas can reduce the acidity in the stomach, while the fiber can help aid the digestion, and both of these factors are important for reducing the heartburn.
  7. The bananas can help you lower your blood pressure. There have been some researches which have shown that consuming about two bananas in a day can lower your blood pressure by 10 percent. So, for those people who are dealing with blood pressure issues, remember that the bananas contain high potassium and low sodium levels, thus making them an excellent addition to your dietary plan.
  8. They can keep the blood very healthy. Because they contain a high amount of iron, the bananas are excellent in keeping the blood healthy and lowering the risk of being anemic. Because they contain a high amount of Vitamin B6, the bananas are also able to help with the production of white blood cells.
  9. They are incredible for the bones too! The nutrients which are found in the bananas can help build and sustain the strong bones by increasing the absorption of calcium.
  10. The bananas fight illnesses. They contain a high level of antioxidants which provide the body with cell protection against the damage of the free radicals which can cause illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, muscular as well as tissue degeneration.
  11. Consuming bananas will help you quit smoking. Even though this is a potentially contentious claim, it doesn’t have to be. The bananas can contain a potent mix of magnesium, potassium and Vitamin B6, which, when combined together, these nutrients have been proven to reduce the nicotine withdrawal, which is a key point to kicking the habit.
  12. Also, the bananas can treat stomach ulcers. While the doctors in India have been claiming that the benefits of the banana for treating peptic ulcers for generations, it has not been until recently that the doctors in England have discovered the exact same thing – that all bananas are able to heal and prevent ulcers.
  13. You can even cure hangovers with them! Because they contain high amounts of electrolytes, the bananas are a good food choice if you have had a tad too many the previous night. They are excellent for regulating the levels of elextrolytes and getting the body back in a top notch healthy state.
  14. Alleviate constipation with them. Well, maybe this is not the most pleasant thing to discuss about, but, because the bananas are high in fiber and the fiber is known to aid bowel movements, it should not come as a surprise to you that the bananas can help alleviate constipation, especially because we have already talked about them having an incredible effect on the digestive system.
  15. Prevent brain disorders with the bananas. Being filled with magnesium, the bananas can help the conversion of fatty acids into DHA which is an important omega 3 fatty acid. A group of scientists have discovered that there is a strong link between DHA deficiency and some neurological disorders suchas Alzheimer’s disease and ADHD. Because they contain high amounts of B vitamins, the bananas can also help Parkinson’s disease.
  16. Also, they have been proven to enhance memory. Technically, we have already covered this, but there are so many people out there who are worried about losing their memory, so we are going to mention this again. Because of the high levels of potassium, magnesium and tryptophan, the bananas can help sustain as well as improve the memory.
  17. Finally, the bananas will keep your heart healthy. This is another thing that should not come as a surprise to you, mostly because of the high levels of nutrients found in the bananas. In order to protect their heart, the most important thing a person can do is lower the levels of sodim and increase the levels of potassium in the body. The fiber, the Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C are all incredients found in the banana which can lower the risk of any cardiovascular disease and promote the health of the heart.