Experts Explain Why Men Prefer Marrying Fat Women over Slim Ones

Experts Explain Why Men Prefer Marrying Fat Women over Slim Ones


The psychology department at UNAM did a study that revealed that men were up to 10 times happier having married a fat wife than those in marriage with a skinny woman. Following are 10 reasons why this is as it is.

  1. You’ve got more to love. There are more pounds to adore.
  2. These women are sweet in looks, and also, they adore sweets. Thus, everything around you will be sweet.
  3. What kind of man doesn’t love the fact that a girl likes food? Eating you’re your woman is pure pleasure and enjoyment.
  4. Better cooks. Of course she can cook, and make great meals at that.
  5. We all know that fact that hugging chubby people is pure joy. You’ll have amazingly adorable hugging sessions.
  6. They have curves. They are the definition of attractiveness, plain and simple.
  7. They are a lot funnier. So, naturally, laughing equals happiness.
  8. They don’t know any diets, so they won’t bother with them, and you will continue to enjoy eating with them.
  9. Whenever you want to buy them something, or simply brighten up their day, a box of chocolates will always do the trick.
  10. They won’t bother you or force you to go to a gym. Instead of lifting weights, you’ll be lifting those boxes of chocolates.

As you can see, there isn’t anything to dislike about fat women. Therefore, if you know one, you know the joy of that friendship at best.