Raila Will Be Sworn in this Date

Raila Will Be Sworn in this Date


Raila Odinga will be sworn end of January in broad daylight at Uhuru Park.

The ‘people’s president’ has confirmed to everyone in NASA that even Kalonzo is now ready to be sworn in the same day.

Today,NASA coalition also confirmed that they will hold a series of rallies in preparation for the big day.One of the rallies will be held in Kakamega,where Raila will announce his cabinet.

The letter reads:

“We wish to begin by wishing all Kenyans a happy New Year and a prosperous 2018. We extend similar wishes to the media fraternity whom we consider to be partners in the continuing journey to make Kenya a better country.

Our goal is to make 2018 a year of justice, fairness and equity to all Kenyans regardless of which part of the country they come from and what their names are.

This past year, we have spoken a lot about justice, fairness, equity. In 2018, we want to make these not just abstract concepts but the ideals and values by which we live. In particular, Kenya must embrace electoral justice in 2018, and Kenya must work for all its citizens this year. We have the determination and the means to make it happen.

You will recall that in the Christmas and New Year message NASA declared 2018 the year we choose between resigning ourselves to dictatorship, to accept and move on, or to stand up for what we believe in. NASA called upon Kenyans to choose between accepting that the vote will no longer matter and demanding that each vote counts and each vote must be counted.

This Sunday, we head to Western Kenya to continue with people-driven initiative to ensure electoral justice and self-determination in our country. The details of the program and nature of events to be held in Kakamega will be disclosed by the NASA leadership in Western Kenya.

This event will be a continuation of what started at the Coast on Sunday 17 December 2017, when the region set in motion the People’s Assembly process. In Kilifi, we experienced firsthand the outpouring of emotions and resolve of the people. The other regions will convene similar forums in the course of this month. The end result will be the inaugural National People’s Convention at a date the people themselves shall decide.

Through these People’s Assemblies, we are breathing life into the foundation of our Constitution, namely the Supremacy of the Constitution and Sovereignty of the People.

We wish to reiterate our New Year message, we remind NASA supporters to always remember that cruel rulers have never defeated determined people. Cruel leaders and regimes inflict pain and suffering but it’s all in vain for they live in fear and ultimately they fall. In the end, all dictator fall. Robert Mugabe just fell in hours as we watched.

We are of course alive to the fact that the public is very eager to hear about the swearing in of the People’s President and Deputy President. This is on course. It will be the biggest public event that Kenya has seen since independence. An Assumption of Office Committee, which is already in place and working will be unveiled in the coming days, and that Committee will be keeping you informed”

Even as NASA chest thumps that they are in the race to swear in their president, the ruling coalition won’t allow such event to happen. On that day,Raila will be charged for treason, a crime that attracts life imprisonment.