How Your  Website Can appear in Opera Mini Newsfeeds!

How Your  Website Can appear in Opera Mini Newsfeeds!


Several bloggers have contacted me to ask how their articles could appear on Opera Mini Newsfeeds. I have responded to some and resolved to respond to others in this article.

What I have noted is that most bloggers believe that those sites whose articles appear on Opera Mini Newsfeeds pay the company to list them, which is not the case. We absolutely pay nothing, but there are several factors Opera use to place sites on their newsfeeds.

  1. Mobile friendly sites

More than 90% of Kenyans search for information online using their mobile phones. Opera is purely for individuals searching for information through their phones. If your site is not mobile friendly, it may be difficult to appear in the Newsfeeds.

You can buy a mobile friendly theme here or contact us so that we can fix the problem for you once and forever ([email protected])

Once your site becomes mobile friendly and responsive, you will see them listed on Opera Mini Newsfeeds.

  1. Site loading speed

Site loading speed is also a key factor, that determines whether a site would be listed on Opera Mini Newsfeeds or not. If your site loads faster than most of the sites online, it will definitely be considered by Opera.

Initially, my site wasn’t listed but after I migrated it to Kinsta, it was immediately listed. I guess it’s because it started loading faster.

  1. Free of Virus and Malware

Opera Mini won’t allow sites with malware/virus to be listed on their Newsfeeds. The most preferred sites are those having the popular https system. If your site is not htpps enabled, it may be difficult to join the list of sites in Opera Mini newsfeeds.

  1. Keywords

If you are a blogger, I am sure you understand the meaning of ‘keywords’. Opera uses an algorithm that selects sites with the most unique keywords and then gives them first priority. Most of the sites listed on their newsfeeds have thousands of unique and searchable keywords.

During my free time, I take time to advise my fellow bloggers how to select the most ideal keywords. I am always surprised that most bloggers aren’t aware of Long Tail Keywords. Google changed their algorithm which determines which content to be placed in the first page of their newsfeed long time ago. When you search for content online, the site’s article placed in page one has the most accurate Long tail Keywords.

Online, people search content using more than one word, for example someone was searching ‘best courses in Kenya’, the four words is what we call long tail keywords. If your title had exactly the same words, your content will appear top in Google’s front page. Opera Mini operates the same

In order to know the best keywords to use for your blog, you can use a tool we call longtail Keywords

  1. Organic traffic

The more organic traffic your site receives the higher the chances of it appearing on opera Mini newsfeeds section. In fact, Facebook and Twitter traffic does not count match in regards to this scenario.

I always see guys sharing their content on Kilimani Mums and Group Kenya pages, hoping that one day their content will appear on opera Mini newsfeeds…this is an exercise in futility.

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  1. Unique content

Finally, your site must have unique content. Unique content is like this post you are reading, you won’t get it anywhere…

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