I make $100 daily from my Blog…Testimony of a Successful Blogger

I make $100 daily from my Blog...Testimony of a Successful Blogger


I am Steven, Indian blogger. I have been in this online business since 2013, which sums up my blogging career to 5 years.

I am a trained Accountant and my entry into blogging results from the fact that I failed to secure a well-paying job, in fact I didn’t get a chance to work anywhere as an accountant. Since I had a family at the time, I had to look for means of getting a source of income.

One day one of my college mates visited me in my residence. He had come to deliver Earphone I had requested him to give me.In the process of engaging each other in a conversation, someone called him. It was a client who wanted him to post an article urgently. My friend opened his laptop, logged into his website and posted something. I got curious. That’s when I asked him about what he was doing. But since it was my first time, he told me to visit him the following morning for more details.

Anxious, I woke up at 6am and rushed to his house. It’s in his house that my blog was born. That same morning, we registered my domain name at Bluehost and created a website.

The second part was to learn how to create content, which I did for a week. Then came the hardest part, how to get traffic. Initially I was forced to pay SEMRush so that my SEO ranking could improve. I parted with $100 each month for three months; when my blog became popular, I stopped using the tool, but I was later forced to pay them when my traffic dropped significantly.

To be honest,the journey didn’t start well.For three good months I was writing several articles and few people would visit my site.I always wondered why,I even asked few of my friends to click on the articles so that I could feel good. Few months later, one of my articles went viral, it was about trending businesses in India. I credit this article because it opened floodgates of readers. From earning less than $50 per Month, my income from AdSense and HilltopAds increased to above $200 per month.

I have been working hard, trying all online tricks posting article after article until I saw my blog rise to become one of the most popular blogs in India. One thing that has helped me is consistence….I make sure I post at least 3 articles per day.

Currently my blog gets more than 100,000 visitors per day and my daily earnings from AdSense is $100 while HilltopAds earns me $70.Due to this encouraging income,I have forgotten about my accounting career.