Dirtiest Estates in Nairobi…Live There at your Own risk

Dirtiest Estates in Nairobi...Live There at your Own risk


If you are planning to stay in Nairobi, there are estates to avoid…thy are extremely dirty. Here we have a list of estates to avoid as much as possible.

  1. Kariobangi North

Kariobangi North is ranked the dirtiest estate in the capital city. This estate has thousands of street children, who can steal from you ant time of the day.Besides, almost everything in Kariobangi is dirty.

  1. Kibera

If you have lived in Kibera, you can agree with me that this is not a place you could wish to live in.Kibera is the hub of flying toilets, the mother of dumping sites and the Capital centre of poor drainage system.

  1. Embakasi

When it rains, Embakasi is impassable. Let it happen that you live in pipeline neighbouring estates like Mukuru Kwa Njenga,you will know why gum boots are important when it rains!

  1. Soweto

Soweto is in Kayole.This is a slum where most of the Gaza members live.If you happen to visit someone in this slum,you won’t believe it’s in Nairobi.

In Soweto, when it rains, people never move from their home…the sewage floods into the doorsteps.

  1. Githurai

Most Kenyans when they land in Nairobi start life in Githurai.This is one of the most crowded estates in the city and one where dirt is the order of the day. But people living there have no option but to contend with the situation.

  1. Dandora

Dandora is a dumping site, it’s also one of the dirtiest estates in Nairobi. Everywhere you move in Dandora,a strong stench hits you…you won’t enjoy your peace.

Middle class ignore Dandora because of three reasons, crime, dirt and poor drainage system.

  1. Baba Dogo

I have been to Baba Dogo more than three times and every time I plan to travel there, I must carry two handkerchiefs.Baba Dogo is dirty, I tell you!!!

  1. Korogocho

The infamous Korogocho slum is not for the clean humans. The slum is popular for hosting those who care less on hygiene regardless of the consequences. The reason Korogocho is densely populated is because of affordable rent.

  1. Kawangware

Another one is Kawangware.Just pay a visit to this half a slum and report what you saw!

  1. Kangemi

Kangemi is along the highway but its dirt can be noticed from kilometres away.Any sane middle class Kenyan won’t dare relocate to this estate.