Health Benefits of Eating Red Pepper

Health Benefits of Eating Red Pepper


There are so many health benefits that come with adding red pepper in your food. If you have been avoiding it because of its harshness, you better learn to embrace this type of spice. We have various types of pepper for example bell, jalapeno, ancho and cayenne. All these may be mild in taste, peppery or hot and spicy.

Unripe pepper is usually green in colour and therefore does not have enough nutrients as it is supposed to. Go for the ripe red pepper if you want to gain health wise from it. Below are some of the health benefits of eating red pepper.

Relieves Pain

Spicy hot red pepper has some anti-inflammatory effects .capsaicin is a type of compound found in red pepper that gives the hot spicy taste. This spiciness has strong ability to reduce any pain in the body. There are no known adverse side effects of eating red pepper.

Prevents Anaemia

Red pepper is a good source of vitamin B6 and folate. The two vitamins prevents anaemia

Prevents Common Cold

Red pepper has vitamin C which increases the body’s immune system in fighting common colds. Vitamin c also aid in the absorption of iron the body. If someone suffers from iron deficiency, they should incorporate pepper in their diet to get enough iron.

Improves Night Vision

Red pepper also improves eye sight. It has vitamin A which is good in supporting healthy night vision.

Weight Loss

The capsaicin found in red pepper is known to boost metabolism and suppress appetite to some extent. This is necessary for someone who wants to shed some pounds. It does not in itself melt the pounds away but the heat it generates helps the body to use up some energy.

Prevent Arthritis

Red pepper being an anti- inflammatory agent helps to relieve the symptoms associated with arthritis. Arthritis symptoms include pain swelling, inflammation, stiffness and loss of joint muscle. Eating cayenne red pepper helps alleviate this.

Prevents Heart Related Diseases.

Polyphenols are antioxidants found in red pepper. These antioxidants strengthen the immune system by improving blood circulation and increasing the body’s ability to reduce diseases such as oxidative stress, oxidative related diseases such as heart difficulties, cancer and allergies.