Ladies, If Your Man Does These Things, He Wants to Break up With You!

Ladies, If Your Man Does These Things, He Wants to Break up With You!


Ladies kindly rescue yourself before it is too late! A mature man who knows what they want and if they are not satisfied being in a relationship with you, they will definitely not waste any of your time. Real men make things straight and mean what they say. You can easily notice a mature real man from the things he says and does. When they feel you cannot make to be his future wife, they will find a mature way of breaking up without hurting your feelings.

However, there are other cowardly men who do not know how to tell a girl that they need a break up. They are selfish men who use passive aggressive approach to put things to an end. Woe unto you if you fail to read between the lines, you will suffer in a dead relationship. Below are some of the tell-tale signs that you are headed for a break up

He drops ironical hints on how you would be much happier without him

The truth is, at this point, he is not happy anymore in that relationship and he is telling you how he himself will be much happier if you left. In other words, he is wishing that you feel the same and go!

He over compliments you even when you don’t deserve.

Ladies feel it when their men love them. Ladies know when they deserve compliments from their man too. If the man throws too much compliments even when you feel you don’t deserve, something is up

Criticizes you in everything you do

The tired man will try to find fault in everything you do. He will want to make you feel bad and think that you are not doing enough to deserve him. He hopes that you feel so bad that you storm out of that relationship and when you finally break up he will have a justification for it.

He is ever in a bad mood!

When a man harbours so much bitterness and resentment within him that is always directed at you, wake up and smell the coffee! That man is sad in that relationship and has no courage to tell you the truth. He blames you for every single thing so that you can get tired and walk away. Sad!

Slowly distances himself from your family and friends.

He would not wish to have anything related with you in his future life, so your friends and family would be the last things he would want to have. He disconnects with them slowly by slowly till they become strangers! He also hides you from his family and friends to avoid advertising you’re soon ending relationship!

Constantly tells you how bad he is

He will really pretend that he is so poor, unwise and fakes illness all the time. This is not true at all! He wants to convince you that you don’t deserve such a terrible guy. Who wants a bad man? He will put himself in a sorry state so that you can get tired of him and end things. This way you will have helped terminate things on his behalf.

Doesn’t put any effort in the relationship

Even when things get worse he doesn’t want to make things any better. He is literally tired of the relationship and doesn’t want to invest in it anymore. He will always be ready to be on the wrong and feels happy when you get upset. My sister can’t you see?

Always asks you whether you are genuinely happy

Has your partner ever questioned your own happiness in your relationship? My dear he is testing to see whether you realise the turn in that relationship. You don’t have to tell anyone if you are happy in a relationship, it is written all over the face! That man doesn’t seem to understand why you are still holding on to something which died long time ago.

Spends more time with his friends more than he does with you

He slowly isolates himself from you and tells you he wants to spend time with quality friends. You will ask yourself who quality friends are-friends who will add value to his life. This will make you feel worthless in that relationship and there will be no pint of staying any longer.

Cancels future plans with you

He will deliberately cancel any future plans with you because he doesn’t want to give you any hope in the future. He will refrain from mentioning anything on taking things to the next level with him in the future. You will not here things like, how many children would you like us to have? Where would be comfortable to live in future? My sister if you no longer hear such, I have already warned you.