People are Suffering Silently from these Embarrassing Health Issues

People are Suffering Silently from these Embarrassing Health Issues


A medical doctor by the name Paul Mitei  shares interesting points about some of the health issues that many people are battling in silence. They are embarrassing such that people would not even share with their relatives, friends leave alone the doctor. Such people risk complicating the health conditions or even dying whereas some of issues could easily be treated.

Below are 8 embarrassing health issues as explained by Mitei:

Anal itching

This is a common problem mostly caused by poor hygiene, anal warts, haemorrhoids, fungal infection, lice, sexually transmitted diseases, dyes or other agents found in tissue papers. It could also be as a result of allergic reaction to some soap, yeast infection or colorectal condition. Scratching the anus is quit embarrassing and someone may not open up about such an issue. To solve the condition it is advisable to visit a doctor, reduce yeast consumption and observe hygiene at all times.

Vaginal Flatulence

This mostly happens to women. It is the sudden loud sound from the private parts especially after intercourse, exercise or body stretches. The sound is odourless but woman feel embarrassed to talk about it. The condition is caused by loose pelvic muscles that make the vaginal muscles to expand and trap air inside. As per the report, the condition can be rectified through physiotherapy or surgery.

Urinary Incontinence

This occurs when one fails to control urine and experience urine leakage when they sneeze, cough or cannot hold long enough to visit the washrooms and may end up peeing on themselves. The condition is caused by weak pelvic and sphincter muscles .Exercises that strengthens pelvic muscles, (kegels), are advisable. In extreme conditions, surgery is recommended.

Sexual Dysfunction

This is another common problem to both men and women. Vaginal dryness and lack of sex drive is an example in case of women while it is characterised by erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. Common causes to both include anxiety, stress, and unresolved issues in the relationship or depression. Other causes may be hormonal imbalance as a result of family planning methods in women or diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart condition in men. This condition can be corrected through medication, counselling and physical exercises.

Vaginal Odour

This problem is faced by most women. It is very uncomfortable to talk about such a condition to others because it makes them loose self-esteem. The possible causes of bad odour are chlamydia, gonorrhoea or bacterial vaginosis. The place should actually clean itself. Hygiene should however be observed so as to maintain the healthy bacteria around the area; using clean water and mild soap, changing underwear frequently and drinking plenty of water is enough to keep the smell away. One should see a doctor if the symptoms persist.

Anal Fissures

This condition occurs when a crack or tear develops in the can happen when one tries to pass out hard stool as a result of constipation or excessive correct such a condition it is advisable to soften stool and eat food rich in fibre. Only in severe cases requires one to do surgery.


The condition is experienced when one develops swelling around the rectum and anus as a result of enlarged blood is characterised by blood stained stool, itchy anus and painful swelling around the occurs as a result of straining when passing stool, constipation and lack of fibre in the diet. To rectify this, one should eat fibre rich food, drink plenty of fluids and visiting the toilet promptly. Seek medical attention before the condition worsens and necessitates surgery.

Body odour/Bad breath

This is also common to all people especially when one does not observe proper hygiene of the mouth and body. Bad breath could signal tooth decay, gum disease, sinus problems or lung infection. Body odour could be because of sweating, repeating clothes and failing to shower often. If one exercises proper hygiene and the condition does not change, it is advisable to seek medical intervention before it is too late because this could be a serious underlying health problem associated with the blood.