Men, How to Know if a Lady Wants You!

Men, How to Know if a Lady Wants You!


People are not like animals who we can certainly know when they are on heat. We behave differently depending on our personalities and characters, thus, partners have their own unique way of signalling each other when the sexual urge comes calling. However, there are 5 general behaviours we have studied that shows a lady is sexually attracted to a man.

If a lady does these 5 things, she wants to sleep with you;

She Stares at You!

She stares at you while you are busy with work and whenever you look at her she blushes immediately! This staring does not last for so long. Staring for more than 10seconds can be scary but the type i am talking about should be like 5 seconds or so done quite often. The blushing also is not the one of embarrassment caused by adrenalin, no, she actually shy’s away in a suggestive manner.

She Tries to Come Closer.

If she always looks for an excuse to come closer to you that is an indicator she really wants a piece of you. She may come to your desk in the name assistance of any sort and tries to lean on either the desk or you. This actually shows she is very comfortable in your presence and ready to take you in given chance. If the subject is brought up at such a time, things on the south would be ripe already!

She Often Touches You!

When a lady becomes touchy more than once it shows she likes your company not as a colleague but in a mutual way. If you would reciprocate in a similar manner you would both be reading on the same page.  This is the time you should pop in the right question if you too have been longing for a bite of her!

She Likes Calling Out Your Name

If she likes mentioning your name almost in every conversation it is a sign that she not only loves that name but also the person. You can imagine how many name calling would be there in real action!

She Unusually Volunteers to Assist You

Most times it is everybody for themselves when it comes to work. But if you find a lady who willingly volunteers to help you say serve tea or pick a fallen biro, my brother she is show casing her wify side without your knowledge. It is not bad to assist a colleague once in a while when they are busy but if a lady does this unusually often, she is sending the message that she is always available for you even in bed!

Above being said and done, don’t take me wrong and assume that every woman who does all that wants you! Some may be the extroverted type who may behave that way with no intentions at all .Learn to appreciate different personalities and be careful not abuse women!