How to Own a Web Hosting Company without Setting up an Office

How to Own a Web Hosting Company without Setting up an Office


It’s now possible to own a hosting company without setting up an office. Hosting company business is one of the most profitable businesses in the world and few people try this unique venture.

Everyday more than 10,000 websites are created. For these websites to exist, they must be hosted somewhere. Though there are top companies like Bluehost which control hosting business, these companies won’t host every other website due to their expensive hosting plans. A new entrant with fairly cheap hosting services will win some clients.

Many people think it’s only when you have a physical office you can own a web hosting company, this is not the case. Companies like Bluehost and Liquidweb have Reseller plans where you are allowed to buy a plan and distribute resources to your clients. A single plan in Bluehost can cost you $300 per year but this same plan will yield you up to $2,000 for hosting several websites.

What do you need before you start hosting company?

First ,identify an established hosting company where to buy hosting package. Since most sites use WordPress CMS,Liquidweb and Bluehost provide the best plans. For small sites,Bluehost is the best company to approach and for bigger and viral sites, approach liquidweb . In Bluehost,select Go Pro shared hosting plan that costs $13.95 per month.This plan will allow you to host up to 100 websites. It means if you have 100 websites hosted in the plan and each website pays you $30 per year, that’s a cool $3000 per year. You can buy the plan here.You can also purchase a dedicated server for big websites

Alternatively, contact Liquidweb through this link and select your preferred plan-they have reseller plan. Once you have purchased one, start marketing your business.

How to market your products

Create a web hosting company website indicating your business (you can get a free WordPress theme here), then contract Venas News or any popular company to place your company banner on their site.The banner will have a link redirecting to your site.Once someone clicks on the banner, they will be redirected to your hosting company site and eventually purchase your products.

Another effective marketing strategy is to sponsor articles on popular sites.Set aside $300 to sponsor articles on about 6 popular sites. The articles should outline your services, for this matter hosting. The sponsored articles should have inbuilt links to direct readers into your site.

You can also use ConvertKit digital marketing tool, which allows you to send emails to your potential clients. You can sign up for this tool here