Do These 10 Things if You Want to Damage Your Kidneys

Do These 10 Things if You Want to Damage Your Kidneys


Kidney failure is often caused by poor eating habits and lifestyle  habits which are not beyond human control.

The kidneys are vital for us and overall health too. These are in shape of a bean and filter 120-150 quarts urine, waste, and excess fluids every day, so they protect us.

They are as big as a fist and are below the rib cage on each side. They regulate electrolytes and make hormones for bone health, red blood cells and pressure.

Often, we have no signs of damaged kidneys so learn to prevent this.

Too much alcohol– more than 1 drink daily almost every day makes kidney and liver damage

Holding urine– this makes pressure, kidney stones and failure.

Lack of water– dehydration makes more toxins and waste piled up and are not flushed out.

Excess sugar– experts said people who have more than 2 sodas daily have more urine proteins and bad kidney work

Excess salt– excess salt makes kidney damage and pressure on organs as well as hypertension

Sleep deficit– sleep deficit makes kidney issues too and tissue in kidney cannot refresh during sleep

Mineral and vitamin deficits– the kidney function depends on food we eat too, so if we lack nutrients like Mg and B6, kidneys work bad

Too much coffee– caffeine makes stress on kidneys and pressure, and damages them

Abuse of painkillers– drugs and meds for pain are with chemicals and one side effect in them is liver and kidney damage.

Too much animal proteins– too much red meats boost metabolic load on kidneys.