MGID payment proof

MGID payment proof


MGID is one of the best AdSense alternatives. Bloggers world over would like to know payment proof and we have good information regarding the same.

I have been using MGID over 1 year now, it even forced me to stop using other AdSense alternatives and concentrate on MGID adverts on my site ,so far I have seen fruits.

To begin with, it’s always hard for any publisher to trust some contextual networks and before they read testimonies, they won’t give any AdSense alternative a try. If you’re a blogger, you will notice that my site is monetizing through MGID, which means it’s a genuine monetization platform. Since I started monetizing through MGID,I have never faced any challenge, in fact I am extremely contented.

First,if you have not joined MGID and you have a blog, this is the time you should start making money. Here is a link to MGID main page. You will be required to provide your website url, email address and personal details

Now,our main subject is payment proof. Over time, my MGID earnings have increased progressively, I am now earning amount I am comfortable with.Initially,when my income was below $1,000,I used Paypal as the payment method but after the income went past $1,000,I changed the payment method to Wire Transfer. I discovered that wire transfer is cheaper than Paypal when the amount to be transferred is above $1,000.

MGID pays once a month, thirty days after the current month closes. For instance, if you earn $400 this month, you will wait until 30th of next month to receive your earnings. The company pays without delays.

The minimum threshold for Paypal is $100 and Wire Transfer is $1,000.

In case of any issues with MGID,you will contact your account manager who will talk with the company management and your issue is solved there and then. This is why MGID has attained tremendous growth over the past few years. And in case your income is low, the account manager will always guide you on how to optimize your blog.

How much you will expect to earn from MGID

The income from MGID is based on your traffic numbers. A blog that receives 3,000 daily visitors will earn $100 to $150 per month.One that receives 10,000 to 20,000 daily visitors will earn at least $400 per month ,abd if your blog gets over 50,000 daily visitors, it will generate over $1000 per month.

The good thing about MGID is,you will use it to complement income from AdSense.

If you are not using MGID on your blog,sign up to day and increase your income. Click here to join