Have You Felt Loved Today? Happy Valentines from Venasnews!

Have You Felt Loved Today? Happy Valentines from Venasnews!


Well if you have not received any thing that is an expression of love today, may be you are the one who is supposed to have shown that love to others. We have become so self-centred; only focusing on romance that we forget our families where true love lives.

Let’s take some time off to remember the things that make us fundamentally human.

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to express our love to the people that matter to us the most; those that hold us down when things are not looking up.

Just caption this;

  • When mom is torn between being proud of your job and wanting to see you home more often
  • When your father wonders when you will involve him in your ‘mjengo
  • When your younger siblings have to look forward to the next Christmas or Easter in order to be with their ‘superhero’ (you)
  • When your elder siblings can’t remember the last time they saw you
  • When your relatives can’t wait to catch up with you next Christmas.

These are little things that matter a lot to our loved ones. Real love.So next time you want to frown and feel down for having not received that rose flower or present from your partner; ask yourself whether you have loved in the first place.

Remember that you always get what you give and here as Venasnews family we love you always. We feel happy to inform, entertain, educate and advice you. HAPPY VALENTINES !!