Smart ways to keep your children busy during the weekend

Smart ways to keep your children busy during the weekend


There are several smart ways to keep your children busy during the weekends. If playing outside isn’t working anymore, as parents it could be wise to try a different strategy. Instead of letting your children stay home day in day out, find ways to keep them occupied. It doesn’t take a genius to find ways to do so. Know what your child likes and think along those lines.

     Physical Activities

Explore both indoor and outdoor activities depending on their interests and age.

Enrol them for swimming

If they enjoy swimming, why not enrol them for swimming lessons over the weekends? Not only will it keep them physically fit and improve overall health, but learning something new changes the physical structure of the brain altering functional organization. With all kinds of unexpected benefits, some of these include memory improvement, better verbal intelligence among others.

    Take them out

As parents we need to create time for our kids. This can include taking them to places where they can play games as well as socialize with other kids.

    Go camping

If you want to go hard core, go for the whole shebang and let them enjoy every aspect of nature as they sleep under the stars. For the younger kids, you can improvise a tent with blankets at the comfort of your backyard and fill it with toys and snacks and watch them get busy.

Treasure hunt

The best way to wear the kids out is to let them run around and before you know it they have slept after burning out their energy. Hide stuff around the house or compound, make a map and let them find the hidden treasure.

Creative activities

Plan this out depending on age as well to avoid swallowing accidents, spills etc.


Children enjoy painting and as a way to keep them occupied you can take large pieces of paper and lots of paint. Allow them to use their hands and feet and trust me it will be exciting for them and it can be a weekend to do thing.

    Teach them an instrument

One of the best ways to help your child develop their brains is through learning an instrument. Enrol them for classes or have a tutor over. Find out what he or she likes and invest in it. Don’t limit it to an instrument and look into other options such as ballet, football, motor cross etc. Remember, it is about keeping the child occupied with activities they enjoy.


Puzzles are a great way to keep them busy. Choose puzzles based on age and interests. You can also look into board games for the older children. Give them snacks and let them entertain themselves.

Play dates

Most people assume that play dates is only for small children but it is not. You can plan with your friends or relatives and drop the kids over at one of your places then ensure you have their favourite games for them to play like board games, bikes and reading books etc so that they can engage with each other