Most Popular Keywords for Bloggers in 2018

Most Popular Keywords for Bloggers in 2018


As you know, blogging is changing each day and keywords that used to trend are not popular anymore. In 2018, the most popular keywords, surprisingly, come from sports, entertainment, Bitcoin and politics. We have compiled a list of most popular keywords for the year 2018, which will help bloggers create content based on the keywords.

We have generated some of the keywords from SEMrush and Longtail Pro Keyword,which are popular SEO tools for bloggers.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Price of Bitcoin
  3. How to invest in bitcoin
  4. Betting tips
  5. English Premier League Fixtures
  6. Amazon
  7. Trump
  8. Jeff Bezos
  9. Billy Gates
  10. Richest person in the world
  11. How to get USA green card
  12. How to migrate to Canada
  13. How to cure AIDS
  14. How to become rich
  15. Cheapest MBA Course
  16. Cheapest University in USA
  17. How to conceive a boy child
  18. How to reduce weight
  19. Putin
  20. Sex
  21. How to stop smoking
  22. How to commit suicide
  23. How to die
  24. Cheapest cancer hospitals
  25. Online jobs
  26. Cheapest smartphones
  27. Most popular hip hop songs 2018
  28. Christiano Ronaldo
  29. Messi
  30. UEFA Champions League
  31. Facebook

From the list above, you’ll notice that most people search for Bitcoin and sports related content. As a blogger.your content should focus on those topics.The problem is that AdSense will disable your account if you post adult and gambling related content. From July,2018,the company will drop adverts related to gambling and Bitcoin,which is a  blow to bloggers with such content.

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