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Here is How to Win a Kenyan Female MP Until You Sleep With Her

Here is How to Win a Kenyan Female MP Until You Sleep With Her


Kenyan female MPs are too busy; they have little time for their husbands. Winning them as a stranger isn’t a mean feat but if you play your card well, you will certainly have her as yours.

We have all wondered how Wazir Chacha managed to sleep with over 13 female parliamentarians yet he is a small man.Here is the deal: you know, these female have money, they have seen all types of men, they have driven cars but all they need is someone who can make them feel young again. The MPs are allergic to men above age 35;if your age bracket is in the south of 35,you will readily be accepted by any of them. The female MPs also hate extremely successful people since they know those men are keen with their lives.

To women a Kenyan female MP until you sleep with her,you have to know where and how to start a chat with her.One of the tricks you should use is to associate with their close family members. If possible, befriend her son,who will in turn introduce you to the family.With time,the mother will have your contacts and you will start developing friendship. Trust will grow since the mother knows you are close to her son.

The second approach to take is, seek employment as her house boy,driver or personal assistant. Those three positions will bring you closer to her and you will eventually become her best friend.

The third one is being her massage therapist. If you happen to be fortunate and she loves your work, you will eventually eat her.

The worst thing you can do is to chat with them on Facebook. That way, they won’t listen to you. You should make sure they know you at personal level and ensure they develop trust in you.