Cheapest Curved TV in Kenya

Cheapest Curved TV in Kenya


A curved TV would make your home look fabulous but not all us would afford expensive televisions. Since our budget is fixed, we all wish to own cheap televisions. In Kenya, there are several curved televisions that cost as little as Ksh50, 000 and the good thing is that they belong to top television brands.

The top TV brands in Kenya as at 2018 are as listed below:

  • Sony
  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Hisense
  • TCL
  • TLS
  • Bruhm

You have several places to buy genuine and high quality TVs.Supermarkets like Tuskys and Naivas stock in bulk but they are more expensive than Jumia.Previously,Nakumatt used to dominate but you know what happened to it.The only option you have is to buy from Luthuli Avenue or Jumia.I was in Luthuli Avenue last week to window shop.I notice the prices of most televisions have not changed much. Most of the shops are slightly cheaper than Jumia but when you factor in the cost of transportation and other risk factors,you find it appropriate to purchase from Jumia.

At Jumia, here is the cost of cheapest curved TVs

TCL 48 Inch TV 63,999 Click here to buy
Bruhm 49 Inch TV 56,999  Click here to buy
Samsung 49 Inch curved TV 81,399  Click here to buy
Samsung 55 Inch Curved TV 97,208  Click here to buy
TCL 55 Inch Curved TV 78,899  Click here to buy
TSL 55 Inch Curved TV 67,999  Click here to buy


You can check prices of other TVs in Jumia through this link